Lunch & Dinner in Drogheda Has Never Been so good

We have a wide and varied selection of food to cater for every palette…

Our Food Style Baji

All Day Menu

Split Seeds and Chilli Falafels

(118 cal) w/ garlic & herbs chutney

Taro Root Fritters

[W](142 cal) w/ chilli & coriander

Chicken and Vegetable Noodles Soup

[E][C][W][S](202 cal) w/ fried egg

Baby Back Pork Ribs

[C][S](234 cal) w/ honey & ginger BBQ glaze / sweet sticky chilli

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings

[E][D][W][S](324 cal) w/cucumber sour cream, sweet & spicy chilli / coriander & chilli

Caesar Salad

[E][F][W][M](590 cal) w/ grilled chicken, croutons & grana Padano

Beetroot Balls Salad

[E][D][M][W] (364 cal) w/ pickle beets, avocado, rocket & goat cheese

Split Seed and Chilli Burger

w/ coriander mayo, carrot & crispy lettuce salad
[W][M][E](492 cal)

Grilled Chicken Fillets Wrap

w/cucumber & mango salad
[W][M][E](595 cal)

Crispy Fried Chicken Fillets Bap

w/ crispy head lettuce & garlic mayo
[E][W][M](684 cal)

Beef Burger

w/ fried onions, pickles, chilli jam, tomato & lettuce
[W][D][E][M](729 cal)

BBQ Pulled Pork & Ham Hock Bap

w/ apple & carrot salad
[W][M][E][S](724 cal)

Crispy Fried Chicken Fillets

w/ coleslaw & gravy
[E][W][M][O] (586 cal)

Fish Burger

w/ burnt lemon, mango & cucumber salad
[F][M][W][E](439 cal)
(Extra: Add Smoked Bacon, Cheese, Egg)

Kings Grill All Day Menu

Above Accompanied with Fries or Sweet Potato Fries


Yellow Split Pea Daal & Spiced Tomato Mushrooms

pickled apple & tropical baby chillies & flat bread or rice.
[W][C][M][S](390 cal)

Chicken Curry

w/tomato salsa, apple pickles, salads & flat bread
[W][M](465 cal)

Lamb & Chickpeas Curry

w/ salads, pickles, tomato salsa & flat bread
[W][M](457 cal)

Tiger Prawns & Aubergine Curry

w/ salsa, apple pickles, salads & flat bread
[W][D][M][SF](280 cal)



(312 cal)

Sweet Potato Fries

(235 cal)

Cucumber & Mango Salad

(17 cal)[M]

Boiled basmati Rice

(123 cal)

Flat Bread

(290 cal)[W]

Kids Menu

Beef Burger & Chips

(430 cal)[W][E]

Sausages & Chips

(320 cal)

Crispy Fried Chicken & Chips

(319 cal)[W][E][O]

(Kids Menu for under 12’s)


Garlic Dip
Coriander& Chilli
Sweet Chilli
Piment Confit

(spicy tropical baby chillies)


(extremely spicy chilli paste)

Chilli Achard

Apple and Carrot Pickle


Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie

w/Vanilla ice cream
W][E][D] (250 cal

Roasted Banana

w/toffee and vanilla ice cream
[D](212 cal)

Vanilla Icecream

Chocolate sauce, popping candy

(Allergens [W] – Wheat, [D] = Dairy, [E] = Eggs, [M] = Mustard, [C] = Celery, [SF] = Shellfish, [F] = Fish, [S] = Soya, [O] = Oates.
Calories approximate per 100grns)

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