Droghedas Finest teas Coffees & wines

For your mid afternoon coffee boost or a nice relaxing glass of wine with dinner, our beverages are fit for Royalty…

Teas and Coffees


Classic black


single & double
Dark and intense the foundation speciality coffees


Shot of espresso with 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 foam


A shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and a little foam


A perfect hot chocolate with a shot of Espresso


A shot of espresso marked with foam

Hot chocolate & W/ Marshmallow

Luxurious Hot chocolate

Brownie Hot Chocolate

Luxurious hot chocolate w/ Brownie flavour, thick cream, Chocolate sauce & brownie stick

Irish coffee

A cocktail of hot coffee, Irish whiskey & sugar, stirred & topped w/ thick cream

Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee

A classic cocktail taken to a new height of flavour w/ Bailey’s & cream

Cold Drinks

Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice
Freshly Press Apple Juice
Freshly Squeeze Lime Lemonade
Freshly Press Exotic Pineapple Juice
Freshly Press Watermelon Juice
Fresh Lemon & Mint Infused Water Kraft
Still/ Sparkling Water
Blackcurrant Dilute
Aloe Vera

Kings Grill Beverages Coffee


Elsa Bianchi Malbec

With aromas of red and ripe fruits leading through. Accompanied by a floral touch of violets that characterize the Malbec of this region.


JP Elvaro Merlot

Wine of a ruby colour with aromas of red fruits and slight touch of mint. It is soft and elegant, with sweet and good persistence.


Elvaro Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine of beautiful ruby colour and purple shades, It has a medium body with aromas of ripe and fresh red berries


Pinot Grigio Blush

A light contact with the coppery skins of Pinot Grigio gives the wine a pale blush, delicate, fruited and persistent. Excellent as aperitif and with light meals


Mateus Rose Wine

A brand of medium-sweet Frizzante Rose wine produce in Portugal. Young, fresh, fruity & versatile Wine


R&G Pinot Grigio

Wonderfully refreshing popular grape variety wine with intense aromas of breadcrumbs and green apple, delicate flavours with a lingering after taste of artemisia flowers. It is fresh and easily drinkable


Elvaro Sauvignon Blanc

Style: Fresh, tropical and zesty A perfect accompaniment to lighter style dishes, particularly seafood


Elvaro Chardonnay

Style: Fruity and Smooth Wine of a green – yellow colour with fresh aromas of citrus and exotic fruits


Frivolo Bianco Frizzante

Sparkling summery wine

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